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GlobeStrong is an educational program that inspires young students to become agents of change working for sustainable development by inserting them in an intercultural dialogue about the importance of volunteering and respect for differences.

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The Program

GlobeStrong main objective is to work creatively and logically the thematic of volunteerism with students from both public and private institutions in order to inspire them to transform their reality and others and work towards sustainable development. Through our methodology - maker or hands on education - we create for the students an environment where we promote intercultural dialogue and respect for differences. All activities are guided by our volunteer team - formed by Brazilian and/or foreigners - which bring to the students different perspectives and experiences and help them gain confidence in using English.

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Our Story

In order to assist Belo Horizonte to globalize locally and to provide more
opportunities to enhance English language competencies, bring the local
international community together with Brazilians to help lead cultural
intelligence training and awareness and help foster a more robust spirit of
volunteerism within the Brazilian culture, Minas International created, in 2015,
GlobeStrong. The program gives an opportunity to improve students English
capabilities and open their eyes for our international community and
the role of the volunteers. In synergy with the objectives and actions of
Minas International, GlobeStrong is also a space where foreigners and
Brazilians can volunteer in a flexible way, offering to the community an
environment of learning and respect for differences.

Why should youth volunteer?

Why should youth volunteer?

To volunteer is to transform the society in which we live. It is to spread values such as responsibility, free will, solidarity, commitment, generosity and respect. It is an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills in addition to sharing ideas and meet new people. The volunteer experience opens doors to professional opportunities, since it is the first contact young people have with work environment. Volunteering helps youth in personal and professional growth. Want to experience this? Become a volunteer!

What We Do

GlobeStrong in classroom activities are divided in two sessions.
The first session called "Unraveling the World of Volunteering" aims to create awareness
of what volunteer is and how can positively impact the community and their lives.
The session has brainstorming activities, the exchange of worldwide volunteer experiences
and the creation of awareness posters. The second session "Creativity in action!" focus on
showing the students the necessary steps to create a volunteer project and help them
in the development of their own idea to transform the reality around them.
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There are many ways you can get involved with GlobeStrong! We welcome educational institutions that want to be a partner, all the sponsors who want to assist this social iniciative and all the individuals - foreigners and brazilians - who want to experience volunteerism by becoming part of GlobeStrong!


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Minas International

Minas International is a not-for-profit association, organized and operated by volunteers. Our mission is to connect English speakers living, working and doing business in Minas Gerais. This is achieved through networking, education, social and community service programs.

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